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Basic Account Analysis & Schedules

Our basic analysis is designed to provide all pertinent information relevant to the account transactions in a user-friendly format. We provide a detailed listing of all activity within the account, and highlight that information in individual schedules as well as monthly statistics and overall summaries. In addition, most of our schedules can be graphically displayed in chart form. The standard set of schedules include:

  • Account Summary
  • Summary of Profit & Loss Transactions
  • Net Investment (Deposits & Withdrawals)
  • Cumulative & Monthly Total Return
  • Asset Allocation at Month End
  • Monthly Purchase & Sales, Income & Fees
  • Turnover & Cost/Equity
  • Schedule of Fees
  • Profit & Loss Transactions: Chronological
  • Profit & Loss Transactions Including Income: Sorted by Issue
  • Account Transactions: Chronological

Supplemental Analysis & Schedules

In addition to our basic analysis, we often provide supplemental schedules when an account warrants additional analysis. Examples of these schedules include:

  • Comparative Model Analyses (Using Indices or Actual Securities)
  • Concentration Analysis
  • Sector Analysis using S&P GICS (Global Industry Classification Standards)
  • Schedule of Days Held
  • What If Scenarios


We are available to testify in arbitration hearings or court to explain our methodology, authenticate our schedules, and explain in detail any parts of our analysis that you wish to highlight .

Patricia Koetting
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